Real life and being a Debbie downer.

So here’s the thing… 

People who are reaching the end of their twenties to their early thirties who feel like they are owed something by the world because of the life they’ve had are my biggest irritation on the face of the Earth. 

(If this does not apply to you, please disregard. If it does please take my advice.) 

1. The world owes you nothing. Your parents owe you nothing. You are not owed. Take some accountability for yourself.

2. Quit wishing for things to change. Wishes aren’t real. Get off your ass and work towards something.

3. Fairytales aren’t real. Men on white horses are not real. There is not going to be much magic… And chances are you’ll have to remind him to take out the trash.

4. Money doesn’t grow on trees and jobs are not handed to you. Work for what you want, everyone else has.

5. Quit this cry baby bullshit and grow up.